Notarization and apostille

Notarization of your ORIGINAL University of Minnesota documents can be obtained where services are offered. 

If you require a paper copy of your transcript or enrollment verification, please reach out to our office at [email protected].

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If you plan to obtain an Apostille yourself but need to get your records notarized, request notarization when you request your records.

  1. Submit a Request for Official Transcript.
    Note: for notarization, you MUST order the transcript via the PDF form. You cannot request notarization through Parchment.
  2. Mark that you want notarization in the Special Instructions on page 2.
  3. Follow the instructions on the form to submit.


Obtaining an Apostille is one way to certify school records (i.e. your degree, transcript, or coursework) so that a foreign entity recognizes your studies at the University of Minnesota and can be done so through the Minnesota Secretary of State. Either notarization or an Apostille may be necessary in order for you to study or work abroad. If you are studying abroad as part of your degree program, neither a notarization nor Apostille may be necessary and you should verify with your department.

Process documents at the same time

We recommend that you process all the required documents at the same time and that you confirm all requirements and fees ahead of time. The country or foreign entity may require your transcript, diploma, coursework, and possibly the course descriptions on your transcript. Find out exactly what is needed to avoid any delays or errors in your supplied documents.

Duplicate diploma processing time

When you request a duplicate diploma from the University, there is a two to three-week processing time. This is regardless of notarization or priority shipping method.

Translating your records

Some countries may require all the required records to be translated into a different language. To find out if this is necessary, contact the embassy of the country for which you are obtaining the Apostille. Depending on the country, the translation may need to be done by someone recognized by the host government as an official translator. If any educational documentation required is from a state other than Minnesota, the authentication process for those records should be done in that state.


For questions regarding your student records or notarization, contact OTR at [email protected].