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Past due accounts

By registering for classes, you entered into a legally-binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including any non-refundable fees.

Failure to pay on time

If you do not pay your bill on time, you will be assessed late fees and a hold will be put on your account. That hold will prevent further registration or release of your official transcript. You must speak with a One Stop Student Services counselor if the hold occurs during the current term. No hold releases can be made until you pay your past due account balance in full. You are responsible for all late fees assessed to your account as long as it remains past due.

Past-due payment

Your past-due student account balance must be paid as soon as possible. 

Collection status

Your account will be placed into collection status if you fail to pay the total balance by the due date on the third billing statement in the current term. You are responsible for all attorney's fees, court costs, agency commissions, and other assessments incurred to collect your unpaid account balance. See consequences of non-payment for more information.

Payment plans for past due amounts

If your account is in collection status and you cannot pay the balance due in full, contact Student Account Assistance to set up a payment plan. Your payment plan timeline will be the shortest possible period based on the balance due.

Once you have a payment plan agreement with Student Account Assistance, you must make the minimum payment due by each payment due date, beginning with the payment plan start date. If your account is past due, you will not be eligible to participate in the online payment plan.

Additional terms

  • No penalty for prepayment.
  • You can pay more than the monthly amount due or pay your bill in full at any time.
  • Paying more than one month does not lower next month's payment amount.


If you make payments for less than the agreed upon amount without prior approval, you will be considered in default.

  • Default means that you have stopped making monthly payments on time per your agreement with the University.
  • Missing one payment could result in default.
  • Any fees that were waived will be reinstated.
  • Your account could be sent to an outside collection agency and credit reporting agencies notified of your default status.

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