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Read the descriptions carefully to determine which fees may apply to you.

The Rochester Campus Fee is charged per semester. Students enrolled in 6 or more credits pay a $150 fee. Students enrolled in fewer than 6 credits pay a $75 fee.

The Rochester Campus Fee covers student wireless access throughout campus buildings, printing access to Information Commons, classroom technology, ITV access for distance learning, Student Activities, Orientation and Welcome Week activities.

A $350 durable goods fee is assessed to students in BSHS and BSHP* programs for the laptop program. This fee is assessed on a per term basis.

*Echocardiography and Sonography track students are exempt from the laptop program and are not charged the associated fee.

2018-19 Student Services Fee

Students enrolled in 6 or more credits for fall and spring semester or 3 credits for summer term must pay a student services fee in addition to tuition. This fee is distributed among various student programs, as listed below. Courses that carry no degree credit, and all courses in which you enroll as an auditor, count in the determination of the credit total for the student services fee on a one class hour = one credit basis.

In addition, credits for off-campus, Learning Abroad Center/Office of International Programs, Online and Distance Learning courses, and web-based/TV courses are excluded from the total credit count.

Exemption criteria

Not all University of Minnesota students are required to pay the student services fee. Non-degree-seeking students and post-secondary option students do not need to pay the student services fee. Some students in a certificate academic plan or in specialized/evening/part-time academic plans may also be exempt (check with your program office for more information).

Students meeting the above exemption criteria may elect to pay the fee if they wish to use or support the services covered by the fee. Regents Scholarship recipients, as well as students enrolled in the Senior Citizen Education Program are also exempt from this fee and may not elect to pay the fee.

The fee is distributed among the following programs:

Student Recreation $90.00
Student Health Services $50.50
Student Organizations $20.00
International Programming $4.00
Diversity Programming $3.50
Subtotal $168.00

If you are 1) admitted to a degree program, and 2) registered for 6 or more credits per semester (or 3 or more credits during summer term) that count toward the automatic assessment of the Student Services Fee, you are required by the University of Minnesota to have health plan coverage. If you meet both of these criteria you will be automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan.

By requiring students to have health plan coverage, the University ensures all students have access to medical care and can maintain good health, which is essential for academic success. You may choose to waive the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan by providing proof of enrollment in an alternative eligible health plan.

Program Fees

Visit the website of your particular program to view the most recent program fee. 

BSHP program fees can be found here and are charged on a per semester basis. 

Optional Fees

Fees listed below are subject to change without notice.

Student Health Insurance—$1,116.00

Dental Plan—$163.00

Lanier Parking Ramp Contracts—Rates vary

  • 6+ credit enrollment required
  • A one time $30.00 set up fee payable to Lanier Parking is required
  • For complete information on available options and rates, please visit Lanier's public parking website

Rochester City Bus Pass—$80.00

Service & Usage Fees

Duplicate diploma fee—$15.00

  • As applicable per event

Installment plan fee—$20.00

  • Per semester, not available summer term

Late payment fee—$40.00

  • As applicable per missed payment due date

Late registration fee—$50.00-$100.00

  • As applicable per semester

Returned check or online payment— $20.00

  • As applicable per each event

Stop payment fee—$10.00

  • As applicable per each event

Transcript request fee—$15.00

  • Per transcript (additional fees may apply)

U Card replacement fee—$25.00
  • As applicable per each event

Important Dates

Billing & Payment

Thu, Nov 29, 2018 Fourth billing statement for fall available (new charges and past-due balances only, due date: 12/12/18)
Wed, Dec 12, 2018 Fall payment due in full (for new charges and/or past due balances)
Thu, Dec 27, 2018 Fifth billing statement for fall available (new charges and past-due balances only, due date: 1/9/19)