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Change your major, minor, or campus

Your first choice for your academic plan may not suit you as your interests develop, and as you discover all the University has to offer. Follow the instructions below for the change to your plan that you would like to make. Be sure to discuss with your advisor how the change could affect your timely graduation and financial aid.

If you are considering taking one or more classes at another campus while maintaining enrollment on your home campus, read about multi-institutional status.

Change your major or minor

In most cases, your advisor can assist you with changing your major within your college. Make an appointment to discuss your plan and learn of any requirements needed to make the change. 

Add a second degree program

If you are pursuing more than one degree (e.g., BA and BS), and the second degree is in a different collegiate unit than the first, you will need to complete the Application for Admission to Additional Undergraduate Degree Program form, and submit it to the collegiate unit that offers the second degree.

Change your campus

Step 1: Meet with your current academic advisor to discuss your plan.

Step 2: Investigate transfer requirements.

These Twin Cities colleges and departments have specific transfer requirements:

Step 3: Make sure you meet the deadlines for applying. If you are applying to the Twin Cities campus, check the deadlines specific to the college/department you are applying to.

Step 4: Complete a transfer application: 

The following Twin Cities programs require you to submit supplemental application materials:

Step 5: Review the Guide to changing your U of M campus to help you through the transition.

If you wish to withdraw your application at any time, you must notify the UMR Admissions Office or you will not be able to continue your studies at UMR.

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